2021 Off-Season Udpate

It is that time of the year again! This off season has flown by quicker than ever.  I am chalking it up to the fact that the last race of 2020 was far later than normal, but still, it seemed like before we knew it Christmas was here and now we are heading to the season opener in two weeks!

We got down and dirty quick to train for the next season as soon as we ended the series. I could not thank Aldon Baker more for all of the help and advice for training in the off season, the man sure does know how to put it all together. I got to do a lot of moto riding with some of my flat track competition as well. Sometimes it is more fun racing on the moto track than racing them on the weekends!

It was a bit wetter and colder this winter season in Florida, but I will take that over the freezing cold days up North. With the COVID-19 restrictions, most of my weekends this were spent at home. I usually get out and attend events for sponsors and travel the country in the off season, but it was nice being able to stay home with the family and maintain a consistent routine.  Now that I am getting older, I do not like to venture too far from the routine. Full on Rain Man style.

My program for the 2021 season is similar to the last few years and since the day I have jumped on the Indian. There was an announcement made a couple of weeks ago about my renewal partnership with the Indian Motorcycle team and Progressive Insurance. I am pumped to be with them for another 2 years and hopefully beyond.  We have had a solid run from the start and I am very honored to have kept such a great relationship with them.

Speaking of great relationships, Craig Rogers is still rolling strong with the program. Believe it or not, this will be our 13th year together. Hell, most marriages do not even last that long! I would not be where I am at in this sport if it were not for him, truly.  His commander in chief Steve Delorenzi with SDI racing is back with us again as well. Steve is the promoter of the Sacramento Mile and has been with us since 2013.

S&S exhaust has also been with us since the start of the Indian Program. They have played an integral role in the performance and outcome of the FTR 750 and without them I feel as though the bike would not reigned dominant so quickly.  I am of course bummed that my buddy Paul Langley, the President of S&S, is leaving the company. Paul and I were together when the first Indian FTR 750 fired up and I have learned so much about the motorcycle industry through him.

Twigg Cycles out of Hagerstown, Maryland is my Indian Dealership support. If you are in the East coast area the team will take great care of you.

I would also like to give a huge shout out to the sponsors that have been with me over the years and served great roles in the program: Bell Helmets, Parts Unlimited, Alpinestar, Monster Energy, Cycle Gear, Pro Plates, Service Pro, Impact Canopy, Rod Lake, Indian Motorcycle Oil, West Coast Hot Shoe, Jack Caracele, Champion Power Equipment, Don Andreas, Klockwsorks, Montgomeryville Cycle Center, Al Lamb, Universal Coating, RK Chains, Neken Handlebar, Ohlins Suspension, Rekluse, Cometic, and Oakley.

New for the 2021 Season, I am pumped to have RMR Construction out of San Francisco, California on board! The owner is a deeply passionate flat track collector and a fan. Also on board is West Side Truck Parts out of Owensboro, KY. Doug, the owner, is a really big fan of the sport.

Corbin seats, after almost a decade of being out of the sport, made some exciting news that they are coming back to Flat Track. Back in the early 2000’s there was some really talented guys who rode for Corbin Seats. Huge shout out to Mike Corbin for wanting to partner up for the next two seasons, I am excited that I get to be a part of the re-introduction.

Last, but not least, I am excited to announce that Mission Foods is a part of my team and will be on board for the next three years.  Mr. Gonzalez is heavily involved in a mixture of two- and four-wheel racing.  He is posting a $5000 prize for the Mission Foods Dash for Cash at every round.  It reminds me of the old Camel Pro days except that this is at every round.  Having him involved with Flat Track is great for our sport and I cannot wait to fly the Mission colors!  Stay tuned for a list charity food drives that we will have in the works over the course of the year.

And of course, I could not end this without giving recognition to the bread and butter of my team. Kenny Tolbert and I will be on our 9th season straight this year!  I do not know who is getting older quicker, him or I, but man… time has flown by. We have accomplished 4 championships together and have amassed over 40 wins. I could not see myself in this sport without him.  Bubba Bently will be back in action holding the rope with Kenny as well.  This guy does not get enough credit for all that he does. Keeping Kenny on his toes can be a job on its own and he does well at it.  Jimmy Wood with Ohlins suspension will also be on my side again. He has been a big part of my success over the years and somedays when we are weak, he helps a great deal by picking up the slack.

Thank you to the American Flat Track crew for putting together a solid schedule. I am looking forward to getting back on some of the tracks on the circuit that we have missed before and to putting another solid year in the books.  The work has been put it in.  I feel ready and just cannot wait to GET IT ON!