Charlotte Half Mile Recap

The Charlotte Half Mile is praised as one of the best half mile tracks that we race on every year. The red clay is fast and has always made for intense and fun action. Not to mention, the facility and the surrounding town is always top notch.

I felt like we had a lot of momentum coming into this race following the Atlanta Half Mile last weekend. We started off fast and comfortable in qualifying and I was second in my semi-final behind Jeffrey Carver. I could tell he was rolling really well. We made a few changes right before the main event and I led the pack in the beginning until the red flag was waved for a rider that went down. We lined back up and shot back off in the lead until Briar Bauman and I began dicing it up. The back and forth action continued for a few laps which allowed Jeffrey Carver to sneak past the both of us and march away with a strong lead. I was able to finally shake off Briar and try my hand at running Carver down. I did not have a quick enough pace to get in front of him and he was keeping a steady roll. Unfortunately, we did not make it past Carver and ended up placing second for the night.

The next day, we all anticipated the rain was coming and so did American Flat Track. They decided to run one round of qualifying and then line us up for our main event, hoping to wrap the event up before the downpour. We fast qualified in the semi final for the main event but as soon as we lined up for the mains, the clouds let loose and the rain washed us out. So, we ended up packing up and heading home.

We are at the final stretch of the 2020 season now. The Daytona finale is this weekend with a doubleheader and then that is all she wrote. The team and I are really looking forward to ending the season celebrating some more W’s.