Daytona Recap

The 2020 American Flat Track season is wrapped up and in the books. We ended the season with a doubleheader at the Daytona Short Track.

I knew going into the weekend that I needed to win both races and have a little luck on my side in order to secure the championship. We started off the first race on a good foot. I won the semi-final and lined up second off the pole on the inside next to Briar Bauman. Right off of the bat I got pushed wide and continued to drift wide off of the corner. I got shuffled in the mix further back and had to keep chomping away to track down the front of the pack  but ended up walking away with a fourth for the night.

The next day did not set up the paddock for the race we were expecting. We got in some practice rounds and were cut short after a semi-final due to the oncoming rain. The rain broke for an hour and the track prep crew utilized every minute to keep the moisture at a maintainable level until another cell came through. American Flat Track made the call to salvage the race and line us up from our results from qualifying. Luckily, I qualified fourth in my round and lined up on the front row. I got a really good start, diced it up with Brandon Robinson for a lap and then ran a lonely second for the rest of the race.

I ended the season with a second in the points standings, only 9 points from the championship. All in all, I am so thankful that we continued racing this year amidst the pandemic. I have to give a huge shoutout to my sponsors for staying on board and supporting through the year and to all of the fans who kept the energy strong. I am ready for 2021 to roll around and hopefully bring a stronger year for racing. Until then, stay safe and enjoy the holidays!