Lima Half-Mile

As many of you know, my Wife and I promote the Lima Half-Mile race. Due to last year’s COVID-19 restrictions we were not able to promote the event.  So, we were excited and grateful to be back promoting the event this year.

I usually get down to Lima on the Tuesday evening before the race to start setting up for the event. There is so much that goes into promoting and setting up for an event, it is crazy. As the weather was starting to look good and everything was coming into place, all that was left was to race.

Well, if there were one place that I thought my knee would be a real problem at it would be Lima. Like Oklahoma City, it’s a cushion track. But Oklahoma City has really big corners and it isn’t as deep.

On the first lap of the first practice at Lima I instantly knew it was going to be a long, hard day. I just couldn’t get it together and, honestly, I rode terribly and timidly all day. It was one of the worst times I have felt on a bike. The one positive was that I didn’t do any damage to the knee and walked/limped out of there with a two-week break.

I was hoping for the best at Lima, but I just wasn’t there. On another good note – we did very well on the promotional side of things and it was real great to see all the fans back in action.  I am looking forward to Du Quoin this weekend. It is another place we haven’t been to in years and I could use some redemption.