Mees Brings Home the Belt - Flat Track Fite Klub 2020 Recap

Mees Brings Home the Belt – Flat Track Fite Klub 2020 Recap

The inaugural Flat Track Fite Klub was one for the books. On Tuesday, June 9th, I joined four retired racing legends and three other current champs of the sport: Scott Parker, Joe Kopp, Chris Carr, Jay Springsteen, Sammy Halbert, Ryan Sipes, and Bryan Smith for a battle on Bultaco’s Astro 360’s straight from the 70’s.

Jared Mees (c)2020 Photo: Bill Gutweiler

Jared Mees (c)2020 Photo: Bill Gutweiler

We drew random cards the night prior to racing that determined which teams and Bultaco’s we would be on. During a walk-around of all the teams earlier in the day, every team reassured me that their bikes were the best bikes there. Bultaco owners sure are proud, rightfully so. I drew the Estenson Racing/Rookie’s Class of ’79 Bultaco tuned by Mike Weddington. We quickly got to work setting it up for the race.

In the first round, I was up against Slammin’ Sammy Halbert and he got after it as if he racing for a million dollars. He sliced my lunch, but after seeing how he was not holding back, I came after his. I lost one round going against Bryan Smith, but ended up securing the bracket after. In the finals, Chris Carr was FLYING and I ended up blowing up that first Taco. Luckily, the Estenson Racing/Class of ‘79 team booted me right back up with another. After two rounds of toe-to-toe action, on a bike I just hopped on against a LEGEND, I was beyond myself taking home the belt. I had not ridden a two-stroke in so long, but this brought back a whole lot of memories.

It is pretty surprising how quickly I adjusted to being back on a two-stroke framer. I grew up racing them when I was an amateur and right off the bat, I felt at home hopping back on one. For an old bike, it has really got a lot of pep. I am loving the compression releases too, might have to figure out how I can rig that control on my Indian.

I want to give a huge thanks to Tim Estenson, Rookie’s Class of ‘79, and Mike Weddington for letting me swing a leg over a great bike and for providing awesome support. Lining up with my hero’s and jumping on bikes from their generation was kick ass. I hope everyone enjoyed it. I know I sure had a blast.

If you missed the action, will continue to air the race for you to enjoy!