Oklahoma City OKC Mile 1

I have really missed OKC Mile being on the circuit. We haven’t been there since 2018 and it was one of my favorite places to race. I love the track, the fans and the facility as a whole. This year we laid out a double header there.

I knew with it being a cushion type track it was probably going to be the hardest for the knee. On the cushion type tracks, we usually have to send it and the left leg is flopping around. I wasn’t feeling my injury too terribly in practice, but Brandon was flying and really putting me to shame in the Semi and the Dash for Cash. I felt like I was holding on too tight. I knew I needed to loosen up a lot if I was going to be a threat in the Main Event.

For the Mains I got a terrible start and had to fight my way through a few guys and by that time Brandon was checked out and Briar had already moved into 2nd.  As the race went on, I couldn’t stay loose and just kept holding on tighter and tighter. Having been off the training regimen, the fatigue started to catch up with me and having a knee injury on top of that wasn’t ideal. We ended with another 3rd place by the end of it which I was ultimately happy with. Although, I was also upset because until this day, I had not lost a race at this track.