Oklahoma City OKC Mile 2

I woke up after racing the night before and I felt sore all over.  I had not been able to stick to my normal training routine and have had to be selective on what I do physically and how much.  I felt like today was going to be a very long day with how I felt last night in the Main event and also with waking up already stiff.  I got as loose as I could and went out for the first practice and really felt a lot better on the bike. I couldn’t believe it with how stiff I felt in the pit area.

We won our Semi and the Dash the Cash. When we were going out for the Main event I knew I needed to put work in early and try to build some sort of gap and maintain that as best as I could.

I knew Brandon Robinson, who was fastest guy all weekend, was starting off of the third row. So that relieved a little bit of pressure. I got a great start and put some heaters in early so I was able to build a good gap. Ultimately, I brought it home for a win. Man, it felt really good to stand on the top step of the podium after the last 10 weeks of hell on my knee.