This weekend we raced at the most anticipated event of the season. Back in the day those who won the Springfield Mile won the esteemed AMA championship. The Legendary Springfield Mile is to flat track as the Daytona 500 is to motor racing. With COVID-19 rearing still rearing its ugly head and shutting down many industries events, I am grateful that we were able to run ours even if at a limited capacity. The season would have not been a real season without this race. I wanted to give a shoutout to Tamara and Dave Kiesow and American Flat Track for fighting for us and making this weekend happen. Also, thank you to all of the fans who made it a point to come support at the race.

We had two very different days of racing the double-header. Saturday’s track was what you would have expected from Springfield with the groove right around the bottom. It was all about exiting the corner fast and then driving off the straightaway. I had a good battle with Sammy Halbert in the main event. We went back and forth for several laps yet with 5 or 6 laps to go I gave him the lead as I spun it out in the grooves a couple of times and couldn’t tow him back in. He deserved to be up top in this race as his platform and setup really is awesome and he did a great job putting it all together on the Mile. We made it on the box still, wrapping up the first day with a second place win and an eagerness to progress the next day.

Sunday was a complete contrast of the Springfield Mile compared to the day before. I have raced there many times but have never ridden in the conditions we faced. During the day it was a normal day, we were riding high on the track but when the main event came we were on the groove at the bottom and then would drift real high in the middle. We were also battling tremendously heavy headwinds that would make the motorcycle shake and would essentially change how the setup reacted, from chassis to gear ratio most noticeably down the straightaway.

During the main event, I was having an epic battle with Jeffrey Carver as we switched places nearly every lap yet unfortunately with a lap to go, his bike failed. Brandon Robinson charged up the pack late in the race and put it on the box with my teammate Briar and myself. This was our 5th Springfield Mile win and one of the most challenging – from not having my family with me to overcoming the conditions of the race.

We will keep moving forward, regardless of the circumstances. Next weekend puts us in Pennsylvania for the Williamsgrove Half-Mile. I know that one will be for us.