Williamsgrove Recap

My team fought tooth and nail this past weekend but just couldn’t dial it in to rise to the top. The Williamsgrove Half-Mile has been kind of like my mulligan. It has been the hardest track for me to overcome over the past couple of years.

The first day of Williamsgrove started out pretty well. We fast qualified and went on to win our semi-final race. I could tell from the first semi that we were off a little bit of Briar’s pace, but we made a couple of quick adjustments to the bike before the main event and hoped for the best. We honestly just did not put it together in the main event. We faded back to fourth place and never seemed to get a rhythm. It was disappointing to fall off the podium after making it up there all season but we went back to the drawing board to prepare for another shot at it.

For the second day I hopped on another one of my bikes. I felt a little bit more comfortable on the second bike. We made some suspension adjustments and ran it, although I did not feel many major gains. We missed the last round of qualifying due to some complications in the pits but got back on track to run at the semifinals. I had a good battle with Sammy Halbert in the semi and knew I had the same speed as he did so I gained some confidence going into the main event. For the main event I was on the outside of the row and it seemed to be a rough position to start at all weekend long. I rode way too hard way too aggressive in the beginning of the race trying to win it all in one lap. I ended up just going backwards losing ground to the second and third place guys. At one point in time, it seemed like Halbert was almost a whole straightaway in front of me. I chipped away at it gradually and we were able to push forward with only a couple of laps to go. On the last lap I made a pass and was able to secure my spot on the box in third place.

All in all it was a bit of a rough weekend for me. My teammate Briar Bauman went out there and dominated both days. Hats off to him, he was on another level this past weekend. We were able to crawl back on the podium the last day and it was honestly one of my most favorite third places to get in a long time given how hard the team and I had to fight for it. All we can do is dust off and move along to the next round. We have one weekend off and then we are full force for the rest of the season. See you all in Dallas, TX next!